Plants That Thrive in the Hot and Humid Climate of Conroe, Texas

Living in Texas is a unique experience with its beautiful weather all year round even if it's hot & steamy during summertime. Here are some plants that can survive the heat & humidity of Conroe.

Plants That Thrive in the Hot and Humid Climate of Conroe, Texas

Living in Texas is a unique experience, with its beautiful weather all year round, even if it's a bit hot and steamy in the middle of summer. If you're looking to create a garden that will last for years to come, you'll need to choose plants that can survive the heat and humidity of Conroe. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that will thrive in this climate. Aquileña, Coreopsis, Fall Aster, Fire Shrub, Plumbago, Rock Rose, and various Salvia are some of the best plants for Texas gardens.

These evergreen perennials can be used for borders or as ground covers and look great in hanging baskets. Blue Daze is a popular choice that blooms from late spring until the first frost and measures about one and a half feet tall and two feet wide. Pentas are another great option for those looking to attract beneficial pollinators. These heat-loving perennials come in a variety of colors with clusters of star-shaped flowers and bloom from spring to fall.

They can grow one to three feet tall, with some varieties growing much larger than that. Portulaca, also known as Moss Rose, is a drought-tolerant annual plant that grows well in Houston summers. The cup-shaped flowers come in several colors and grow in small mounds. Purslane is a type of portulaca that contains round leaves and stretches along a small path.

It will bloom from May until it freezes and reaches about eight inches tall. You can combine it with sedum for your container gardens. The Red Yuca is an excellent choice for those with big, sunny spots for low-maintenance native plants. This tough food staple is drought tolerant and has beautiful red flowers that reach about five feet tall.

The flowers will last all spring and summer. Finally, Mexican Shrub Sage is our number one heat-tolerant plant. It is native to the climate of our city and has stunning purple flowers that last from late summer to winter. This sage will be around four feet tall and four feet wide and is a fast-growing perennial that tolerates drought once established. Melons also thrive in warm, humid climates, making them perfect for hot, humid parts of Texas.

Cantaloupe, watermelon, and many specialty varieties will grow well in many parts of Texas. Celosia — Amaranthaceae — annual plants have plume-shaped or crested inflorescences suitable for cut flower arrangements. Plant them in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Peppers are generally classified as “hot” or “sweet” and require warm temperatures, constant humidity and humidity to produce in abundance. They are a good source of several vitamins and can be harvested when ripe and enjoyed cooked or raw. For some, the beauty of a garden includes flowers, shrubs, and other plants growing in pots around the patio, deck, porch, or garden. Phlox is a perfect ground cover for sunny areas of your garden as they are particularly heat resistant and work well almost anywhere in your garden. Geraniums come in many colors and can be planted together with other flowers in planters and large tubs.

If you're thinking about planting an oak tree in Florida, you'll be surprised to learn that there are many different types of oaks that can survive quite well in the sunny state. Related to mint and lavender, this herbaceous plant can grow in full sun and partial shade, in poor rocky soil. You've spent a lot of time, energy, and money on your lawn and garden so you don't want your plants to suffer from the relentless Texas heat. The good news is that you don't have to give up your gardening dreams during summer as long as you know which are the right plants to grow.